2019 Christmas Dance

WCSA Christmas Dance 2019

What a great turnout to end of 2019! For our last dance of 2019 on December 20 we brought in lights and sound courtesy of Trevor Mullen, along with some Christmas goodies. We gave away prizes with our ‘dance with everyone’ wristbands. Three dancers were given special wristbands, and when they got a new partner, they gave the wristband away. When prize time was called, whoever had a wristband won a prize! Thanks to Sherry Tovell for providing a private lesson as one of the prizes!

See you on the floor in 2020!

Jen and Alpha Swung into Edmonton

Wow what a weekend! Thank you to Jen Malcolm and Alpha Vo for 6 fantastic workshops, to Earl for bringing lights and sound, Nicole for doing pro hospitality, our committee of event volunteers from Edson and Addicts – and everyone from near and far who spent their weekend with us!

We’ve gotten a lot of very positive feedback on everything – it was a real community effort coming together to make this happen!

west coast swing edmonton
west coast swing edmonton

Lead or Follow: You can do both!

West Coast Swing Addicts Dance Society supports the idea that dance roles (lead and follow) do not need to be tied to gender. Men can follow, women can lead. As well, its totally OK for the same gender to dance with each other: men to dance with men and women with women.

Anyone can dance with anyone – you can just ask them if they want to lead or follow.

Why would you want to switch roles?

Here are a couple of good reasons:

Getting to know the other role will make you a better dancer. “Oh, is that was that feels like!” Knowing how that move is lead – or how it feels when its lead to you – will give you greater empathy for the other role. Not to mention learning new footwork will expand your capabilities.

Often at dances, the numbers are never even. There are inevitably more follows or more leads. When the numbers of leads / follows are unbalanced, it means people sit out and don’t dance, sometimes for many, many songs. It also means the minority role can get overworked – feeling like they need to dance more because of the offset numbers.

By having more dancers with the ability to switch roles, it means more people get to dance!

Proud Sponsors of 2019’s Calgary Dance Stampede

West Coast Swing Addicts was proud to be one of the sponsors of the 2019 Calgary Dance Stampede! Along with West Coast Swing Calgary, our contribution made it so the west coast swing Jack and Jill competitors were free for competitors. Its was a big year for CDS, where they were looking to gain status as a sanctioned event for west coast swing competitions. They needed 60 competitors, and it looks like they made that number (or came very close).

Kyle Loranger represented WCSA at the presentation of the cash prizes for the Jack and Jills.



Special Guest Andrew Oprychal

What a spectacular night! Not only did we have Andrew Oprychal up from Calgary for the lesson, but we also gave away two tickets to the Calgary Dance Stampede to the winners of our fun Jack and Jill dance contest (worth $175 each!) We had 20 couples enter, narrowed it down to 10 finalist couples and then winners were selected! Congratulations to Barb and Yan! Big thanks to our panel of judges, Sherry Tovell, Andrew Oprychal and Monika Holub!

So C-C-Cold outside! But its hot on the dance floor!

Its the beginning of February and we’re in the middle of worst cold snap Edmonton has seen in a long time. But the WCS dancers showed up Friday night and made it warm and toasty inside! Corina and Kyle did a lesson on all things sugar-push. Round the clock on 3, or figure 4 on 3 for leads. Round the clock on 3, sweep on 3, and shaping to the side on 3 for follows. Let us know if you’d like to see more lessons like this, where we take a basic concept and add on some fun variations.

Thanks to our MeetUp team of Jaqueline and Megan for getting the word out, and getting a great turn out of new people!

See you at the next dance February 22!