Myles and Tessa Swing Literacy Workshop and Intensive

Wow what a weekend! WCSA was pleased to present west coast swing pros Myles and Tessa for two events Sept 15-17 2023. First, a 2 hour Beginner Bootcamp and social on Friday night, and then a Saturday / Sunday Intensive with another dance on Saturday night.

We had over 90 people register in advance for the beginner bootcamp, and then another 30 people at the door for the social. Designed especially for new dancers, M and T’s bootcamp took people through two hours of skill building, with everyone looking like westies, and having fun, by the end of the workshop. So many people stayed for the social (!) and we’re hoping we see many of these new dancers back at future events! We also created a postcard that gave them free entry to October dances, as well as a list of places to get group and private lessons.

The intensive also had 90 people signed up – and so much that we had to close registrations for follows (apologies to follows who couldn’t register). Designed for experienced dancers, M and T’s intensive took dancers through key skills every WCS dancer needs for good connection, and creating dances that allow for as much freedom and creativity as possible, without relying on memorizing patterns.

Want to continue learning more? Check out the programs Myles and Tessa offer at

As the WCSA board, we’re thrilled with the turnout for both events, and so happy our Edmonton WCS community is growing! Big thank you to the entire WCS community for inviting their friends, joining the intensive, and helping out!

Special thanks to the organizers who drove putting this event on: Laurie Mullen (who also billetted M and T at her house and provided space for private lessons) and Kyle Loranger (communications, website, online ticket sales, Fri DJ). There was also lots of help from Brian Kobelko (sound, light, hall), Kenneth Valentine (finance) and Donna Hammerlindl.

Also thanks to Andrew Oprychal at for DJ’ing Saturday night, and of course to the Girl Guides who mind the door.

The catering for Friday and Saturday was by Devine Creations.

May 2024, Annual General Meeting

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