About West Coast Swing Addicts Dance Society

This group formed for the love of the West Coast Swing dance, and wanting to have a place to dance, practice and socialize.

The West Coast Swing Addicts (or ‘Addicts’) dances have been run as not for profit, pouring all revenues back into the operations of running the dances.

In fall of 2019, we formed a board, created bylaws and applied to become a non-profit society. Anyone can become a member of the society (email here). For the executive, there are restrictions for who can be an executive member (see Bylaws).

Board Executive for the 2019 – 2020 Term:

President: Corina Walker
Treasurer: Nicole Obert
Secretary: Kyle Loranger
Director: Glenn Cryer
Director: Brian Kobylko
Director: Juliana Virani
Director: Geoff Green

WCSA History

West Coast Swing dances started to be organized by this community group back in 2010 at the Wellington Community Hall. The founding organizers were Tracy Boldt, Dave Kostiniuk, Gary Gaudreault, and Eva Haug.

Dance lessons were were added and in the beginning were taught by rotating teams of instructors Dan and Dawn Bloxham and Rob and Sherry Tovell. Over the years, we have had many local instructors teach lessons for the group, including: Monika Holub, Melissa Larsen, Sandra Adams and Blake Christofferson, Elise Seehagel, Eric Liew-On, Harold Oberhammer, Andrew Oprychal, Tracy Boldt, Corina Walker, and Kyle Loranger.

In 2011 we started having dances at the more centrally located Bonnie Doon Community Hall with its fantastic wood floor. (Thanks to Monika Holub for the recommendation!) WCSA dances continue to be hosted here to this day.