WSCADS Board Roles and Positions

The board for the West Coast Swing Addicts Dance Society runs the dance events. 

The roles of the society are outlined in the society bylaws. Here is a plain language summary:


Chairs the board meetings, is the spokesperson for the board and the society. 


The Secretary attends all meetings and to keeps minutes of the same. This person also send out minutes to the board, and helps with the annual society filings.


Manages the collecting of fees at events. Prepares financial reports on events, and annual financial reports.


The board has a number of directors (2-4). The directors attend all board meetings and advise on topics. 

Frequently asked questions:

How long is a term for a position? 
Board members terms are 2 years.

Do board members have to attend every dance? 
No. But they should be attending dances often enough to see how they are going. 
Its great if they can be there often enough to help out with set up, clean up, etc. 

When and where do board meetings happen? How often? Do board members need to attend every one? 
Meeting times and places can be set for what works for the sitting board. In The current term, we meet at Kyle’s office on 124 Street once a month on a Saturday morning.

If I don’t want to commit to a board position, is there other ways I can be involved in helping the club?
Yes! There are many ways to help – from set up / take down at regular dances, to organizing one-off events – you have help shape what you want the community to be. Email us, or talk to any of the board members to share your ideas.