West Coast Swing Addicts!

Fun people, great music! Beginners always welcome!

Pop, club, blues, R&B music.

Come out and experience the magic of
West Coast Swing dancing in Edmonton!

West Coast Swing is a fun, casual partner dance done to pop, club or blues music. It can be done fast or slow, and there are great opportunities for improvisation and working with the music.

This dance is for people who: 

  • Are absolute beginners with no dance experience
  • Want to dance to current, modern music
  • Want to meet and dance with lots of people 
  • Want to learn a dance with some structure, but still have room to improvise and work with the music
  • Want to dance swing, but not as fast or intensely as east coast swing or jive

First Timer, Beginner Tips:

  • Shoes: Wear something comfortable to move in. Avoid too high a heel, or heavy rubber soles.
  • Dress: Casual, comfortable. You’ll be moving a lot!
  • Lesson: Will be for beginners just like you. Most people will rotate and switch partners
    throughout the lesson. Great way to meet everyone!
  • Partner: Not required, but bring ’em if you’ve got ’em.

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 WCSA Dance Event Details:

Admission: $10 / person. Bottled water available for $1.

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Dances take place at Bonnie Doon Community Hall 9240 93 Street, Edmonton.

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Oct 22, 2021 WCSA
Virtual Dance!


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When’s the next dance?

Good question. Its a question of safety re COVID (and rapid increase in new cases is not helping). Even though there are no provincial restrictions right now, we need to decide for ourselves what is acceptable risk for social dancing, and what systems we would need to keep people (and

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2021 Annual General Meeting

Mark your calendars! Our next AGM will take place via Zoom on: Sunday June 27, 3pm Members will be sent a link for the meeting. Well, its been a super quiet year dance wise… but we need to have an AGM to keep the society going. So members, join us

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Do you attend the west coast swing dances WCSA puts on at Bonnie Doon? Now you can become a member of the non-profit society! To become a member, show up in person to an upcoming dance, fill out the very short form and that’s it. Membership is free. Our dances

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