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West Coast Swing (WCS) is a modern version of Swing dancing, done to contemporary and classic Pop, R&B, Funk, and Blues.

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West Coast Swing?

West Coast Swing is known for being the most equitable partner dance: both partners have freedom to express themselves and contribute to the dance.

Beginners always welcome!
All ages!

No partner required.
Singles welcome!

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Our account on Spotify has all of our recent West Coast Swing playlists, and more!

Every dance starts with a beginner lesson!

Upcoming WCS Dance Dates:

Friday, Aug 2
7:30pm Lesson with Rob and Sherry
$10 / person

2024 Dance Dates:

August 2

Lesson with Rob & Sherry
/ DJ Melissa

August 16
Lesson with Rod & Eric
/ DJ Ken


September 6
Lesson with Kenneth / DJ Kyle

September 20
Lesson with Kyle & Laurie
/ DJ Ken

October 4
Lesson with Tracy & Dagen
/ DJ Kyle

October 18
Lesson with Rob & Sherry
/ DJ Ken

November 1
Lesson with Blake & Sandy
/ DJ Kyle

November 15
Lesson with Elise & Yan
/ DJ Ken

December 6
Lesson with Rod & Eric
/ DJ Kyle

December 20
Lesson with Ken
/ DJ Ken

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Come out and experience the magic of West Coast Swing dancing in Edmonton!

West Coast Swing is a fun, casual partner dance done to pop, club or blues music. It can be done fast or slow, and there are great opportunities for improvisation and working with the music.

This dance is for people who: 

  • Are absolute beginners with no dance experience
  • Want to dance to current, modern music
  • Want to meet and dance with lots of people 
  • Want to learn a dance with some structure, but still have room to improvise and work with the music
  • Want to dance swing, but not as fast or intensely as east coast swing or jive 

Beginner Tips:

  • Shoes: Bring a pair of clean shoes for the dance floor. Wear something comfortable to move in. Avoid too high a heel, or heavy rubber soles.
  • Dress: Casual, comfortable. You’ll be moving a lot!
  • Lesson: Will be for beginners just like you. Most people will rotate and switch partners throughout the lesson. Great way to meet everyone!
  • Partner: Not required, but bring ’em if you’ve got ’em.
  • Got kids? Bring them, they get in free!

Some basics of West Coast Swing:

  • Slot dance: This dance is done in a ‘slot’ (not in a circle). Westies dance along the same direction to maximize use of the floor space, and avoid bumping in to each other. 

  • Choose your role: You can choose to be a leader, or a follower, or switch! 

  • Dance what you hear: We play music good for WCS, but if you want to do another dance style, go for it! 

  • A couple of Two Steps: We do play a couple of two step dances a night, partly as a nod to our country dance roots in Edmonton. 

Bonnie Doon Community Hall

Dances take place at Bonnie Doon Community Hall 9240 93 Street, Edmonton.

May 2024, Annual General Meeting

WCSADS – President’s report Kyle – PresidentKen – treasurerDonna – SecretaryBrian – directorLaurie – directorCeleste – director The board hosts and runs these dances, and meets once a month to go over issues and keep the society moving forward. Introduction:West Coast Swing Addicts Dance Society is a not for profit

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Celebrating Corina, Past President

As you all know, we are a volunteer organization – we do this because we love it, and it was always the vision to make this a community-based effort. At the December 15th dance we honoured one of our key people in Addicts, Corina! This past spring, after many years

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Why (and how) to improve your west coast swing dancing

Does any of the following describe you? Sound like you’re ready to learn more, and continue your dance journey! Here are some suggestions for where to start: Take some group lessons What you will learn: In a six week series of hour long lessons, they will go over key concepts

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Myles and Tessa Swing Literacy Workshop and Intensive

Wow what a weekend! WCSA was pleased to present west coast swing pros Myles and Tessa for two events Sept 15-17 2023. First, a 2 hour Beginner Bootcamp and social on Friday night, and then a Saturday / Sunday Intensive with another dance on Saturday night. We had over 90

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Calgary Dance Stampede 2023

A big thank you to Keith Armbruster & Chrissi and all the extra hard working volunteers at the Calgary Dance Stampede for putting on such a great event last weekend! Workshops, competitions, socials – really three events all in one venue! West Coast Swing Addicts was proud to be a

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